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All volumes listed below are still in print and may be ordered directly from the Society.

Year of PublicationVolume No:TitleRetail Price (GBP)Members Price (GBP)Order Form
2017Vol. LXXXIThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey Volume VI, 1608-1613£20.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2016Vol. LXXX The Cartulary of Binham Priory£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2015Vol. LXXIX Her Price is Above Pearls: Family and Farming Records of Alice Le Strange, 1617-1656£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2014Vol. LXXVIII The First World War Letters of Philip and Ruth Hewetson£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2013Vol. LXXVIIHealth and Hygiene in Early-Modern, Norwich£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2012Vol. LXXVIThe Whirlpool of Misadventures, Letters of Robert Paston, 1st Earl of Yarmouth, 1663-1679£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2011Vol. LXXVThe World of John Secker 1716-95, Quaker Mariner£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2010Vol. LXXIV The Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Volume V, 1603-1607£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2009Vol. LXXIII The King's Lynn Port Books 1610-1614£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2008Vol. LXXII Norwich City Library 1608-1737£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2007Vol. LXXI Poverty and Wealth: Sheep, Taxation and Charity in Late Medieval Norfolk£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2006Vol. LXX Country and City: Wymondham, Norwich and Eaton in the 16th and 17th Centuries£18.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2005Vol. LXIX John Buxton, Norfolk Gentleman and Architect: Letters to his son 1719-1729£5.00Order Form [PDF]
2005Vol. HistoryThe History of The Norfolk Record Society, 1930-2005£5.00Order Form [PDF]
2004Vol. LXVIII Wartime Norfolk: The Diary of Rachel Dhonau 1941-1942£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2003Vol. LXVII The Great Tour of John Patteson, 1778-1779£5.00Order Form [PDF]
2002Vol. LXVI William Windham's Green Book, 1673-1688£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2001Vol. LXV Norfolk Hearth Tax Exemption Certificates, 1670-1674£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
2000Vol. LXIV The Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Volume IV, 1596-1602£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
1999Vol. LXIIINorwich Landgable Assessment, 1568-1570£10.00Order Form [PDF]
1998Vol. LXII Religious Worship for Norfolk: The 1851 Census of Accommodation and Attendance at Worship£15.00£12.00Order Form [PDF]
1996Vol. LX The Register of Thetford Priory. Part 2, 1518-1540£10.00Order Form [PDF]
1995Vol. LIX The Register of Thetford Priory. Part 1, 1482-1517£10.00Order Form [PDF]
1992Vol. LVII The Letters of Philip Stannard, Norwich Textile Manufacturer, 1751-1763£5.00Order Form [PDF]
1991Vol. LIV The Notebook of Robert Doughty, 1662-1665£5.00Order Form [PDF]
1991Vol. LVI A Miscellany: The Will of Oliver Wyth, 1291. The Will of Hugh Atte Fenne, 1476. The Letters and Will of Thomas Greene (d. 1545), Rector of Poringland. The Letters and Will of Lady Dorothy Bacon, 1597-1629. The Autobiography of Elizabeth Oakley, 1831-1900£5.00Order Form [PDF]
1981Vol. XLVIII The Records of a Commission of Sewers for Wiggenhall, 1319-1324. William Asshebourne's Book£5.00Order Form [PDF]
1979Vol. XLVIThe Papers of Nathaniel Bacon of Stiffkey, Volume I, 1556-1577£5.00Order Form [PDF]