Country and City: Wymondham, Norwich and Eaton in the 16th and 17th Centuries

Three aspects if Norfolk’s 16th and 17th Century history are documented here. Wymondham is shown piecing together a corporate identity after the loss of its abbey and its many religious guilds at the Reformation and coping with problems that included the maintenance of its poor and a devastating fire in 1615.

The Norwich Carpenters’ Company ordinances attempt to perpetuate a system that had its roots in the Middle Ages and was coming under competition from non-guild craftsman including those from the City’s immigration communities.

John Aldrich’s farming practices in the 1660s anticipate the agricultural changes of the next century especially in the large-scale cultivation of turnips in a mainly enclosed landscape.

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Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: LXX

Year of Publication: 2006

Edited-By: Andrew Hickley, John Wilson, Philip Howard

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English


ISBN-13: 9780953829897

Tags: Accounting, Agriculture, Carpenters, Eaton, Farm Accounts, Guilds, History Sources, John Aldrich, Norwich, Norwich Carpenters Company, Societies, Town Book, Wymondham