Calendar of Frere MSS.: Hundred of Holt. Muster Roll, Hundred of North Greenhoe, circa 1523. Norwich Subscriptions to the Voluntary Gift of 1662

The Frere MSS form part of the huge collection of Norfolk documents made by the antiquary and herald Peter Le Neve (1661-1729) and used by the County historian Francis Blomfield.

The calendar covers only Holt Hundred but gives a flavour of the whole.

The muster roll, of about 1523, again covers one Hundred only.  It lists men selected to serve in the local militia and their equipment and assesses those rich enough in land and goods to be taxed for the purpose.

The ‘voluntary’ gift of 1662 was a device of Charles II’s ministers to avoid going to parliament for money and the list is of well-to-do Norfolk men approached.


With Introductions by B. Cozens-Hardy, F.S.A and Miss P. M. Williams.


Series: Norfolk Record Society, Vol. I

Edited By: H. L. Bradfer-Lawrence, F.S.A

Year of Publication: 1931

Hardcover: 103 pages