A Miscellany

The wills of Oliver Wyth (1291) and Hugh Atte Fenne (1476).

Oliver Wyth and Hugh Atte Fenne were wealthy Great Yarmouth men leaving extensive and detailed wills, but there the similarity ends.  Oliver Wyth was a leading Yarmouth merchant who invested in farming and whose will also acts as a sourse for charitable and religious activity throughout East Anglia.  Whereas Hugh Atte Fenne was resident in London much of his life and principally concerned with his extensive Norfolk landholdings and the establishment of an almshouse in Herringby.

In the original English and Latin with full English summaries of the Latin sections.


The letters and will of Thomas Greene, Rector of Poringland (d. 1545).

Though written at the time of great religious upheaval (1528/36-45), these letters and will of Thomas Green, Rector of Poringland, are mainly concerned with safeguarding his income but also throw light on his social circle.


The letters and will of Lady Bacon (1597-1629).

Lady Dorothy Bacon was the second wife of Sir Nathaniel Bacon, who’s papers appear in Norfolk Record Society volumes. XLVI, XLIX, LIII, LXIVLXXIV and LXXXI.  These lively personal letters and will (1597-1629) illustrate the activities of the mistress of a household and her family relationships.


The autobiography of Elizabeth Oakley (1831-1900).

Elizabeth Oakley’s life is an unusually early and extended working-cladd autobiography.  Though written in East Yorkshire in 1882, it concerntrates on her childhood and youth in Norfolk in the 1830s and 1840s.


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Series: Norfolk Record Society, Vol. LVI

Edited By: Paul Rutledge, Roger Virgoe, Ralph Houlbrooke, Jane Key and Richard Wilson

Year of Publication: 1991

Hardcover: 169 pages


ISBN-10: 0951160060