Poverty and Wealth: Sheep, Taxation and Charity in Late Medieval Norfolk

Aspects of both rural and urban life in late medieval Norfolk are illustrated by the documents published here in translation.

Norwich Cathedral Priory was a major flockmaster and its accounts shed light on an important aspect of the region’s economy. The income tax assessments for Norwich for 1472 and 1489 record the population and wealth of a leading provincial city.

Finally, the cartulary of St Mary’s Hospital, Great Yarmouth, charts charitable giving within another major urban centre, while at the same time providing information on the inhabitants and topography of the town.

The version of the cartulary edited here consists mainly of the translation made for the borough by the antiquary Henry Manship in 1614.

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Series: Norfolk Record Society, Vol. LXXI

Edited By: Mark Bailey, Maureen Jurkowski and Carole Rawcliffe

Year of Publication: 2007

Hardback: 251 pages



ISBN-13: 9780955635700