The World of John Secker 1716-96, Quaker Mariner


John Secker’s reminiscences of his life at sea provide a remarkable bottom-up account of the eighteenth-century maritime world.

The son of a Quaker miller from North Walsham, Secker’s global sea-faring life took him not only across maritime Europe and North America, but also to Arabia, India, the South Seas and Pacific Ocean.

His travels encompass themes as diverse as religion, overseas cultures, migration, slavery, navigation, weather, living conditions at sea, commerce and cargoes, navel engagements, discipline and press-gangs, piracy, insurance fraud, foreign imprisonment and Jacobite exiles.

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Series: Norfolk Record Society, Vol. LXXV

Edited By: Andrew Hooper

Year of Publication: 2011

Hardcover: 194 pages



ISBN-13: 9780055635748