Lists of able-bodied men between the ages of 15 and 60 with their arms and armour, arranged by hundred and parish.  The area covered extends in a wide band across Norfolk, excluding the far north-west and the east and south-east.

This volume also includes King’s Lynn but not Norwich.  Smiths, wheelwrights, mariners and alehouse keepers are noted.

The lists are mainly for 1577 but the volume includes stray returns for 1569, 1572 and 1574.

Indexed in Norfolk Record Society Volume VII.  Some abbreviations are explained on p.49.

Transcription by: Miss M. A. Farrow.

Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: VI

Year of Publication: 1933

Edited By: Harry Lawrence Bradfer-Lawrence, Percy Millican

Cover: Hardcover


ISBN-10: x

Tags: 16th Century, Hundreds, King’s Lynn, Militia, Norfolk