The Correspondence of Thomas Corie, edited by Robert Hill.

These are mostly official papers of Thomas Corie as Town Clerk whose topics include the visit of Charles II to Norwich, a crisis in funding poor relief and a description of Mousehold Heath, but he was also interested in the natural sciences and was an associate of Sir Thomas Brown.

The Observations and Comments on the Visitation of Norfolk, 1664, edited G. H. Holley.

The Visitation observations include a list of those disclaimed (not entitled to bear arms) in 1664. As published by the Norfolk Record Society in Vols. IV and V

Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: XXVII

Year of Publication: 1956

Edited By: G. H. Holley, Robert Henry Hill

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English

Tags: Charles II, Mousehold Heath, Norfolk, Norwich, Sir Edward Bysshe, Thomas Corrie, Town Clerk, Visitation