During the period covered by this volume the system adopted in the Registration remained as in former years.  For each year there are more bundles of original wills, the wills in each bundle being numbered consecutively.  There is also for each year except 1687 to 1690 a Register Book in which all of the wills should be found copied in full and an index of testators’ names.

For ease of reference each Register has been named in this index after the first will recorded in it in accordance with the ancient system, but by this period this system was no longer in use in the registry.

Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: XXXIV

Year of Publication: 1965

Edited By: M. A. Farrow, Thomas Frederick Barton

Cover: Hardcover

Language: English



Tags: Church of England, Consistory Court, Diocese of Norwich, Norfolk Record Office, Norwich, Norwich Record Office, Wills