This detailed enumeration of people below the poverty line in Norwich, then the second or third city in the land, is a product of the City’s sophisticated approach to poor relief in the Elizabethan period.  Their ages, occupations, diseases and family relationships are all recorded.

Although this publication is now out of print.

We have made this publication available online, which can be accessed or download at Internet Archive.

Series: Norfolk Record Society

Volume Number: XL

Year of Publication: 1971

Edited-by: John F. Pound

Hover: Hardcover

Language: English


  • Norwich (England) — Genealogy.
  • Norwich (England) — Census, 1570.
  • Norwich (England) — Poor — Census, 1570.
  • Norwich, Norfolk — Poor.
  • Norfolk — Norwich.
  • Norwich (Norfolk)
  • Poor.
  • England — Norwich.
  • Poor persons Norfolk. Norwich, 1570. Surveys