If you have an idea for a publication, you will need to submit an initial publication proposal enquiry to the appropriate editor. Your proposal will then be considered by the Council if it is to be included in the Society’s future publication schedule.

Anyone approaching the Society with an offer to edit a volume is asked to provide, as an email attachment:

  1. A formal proposal justifying the publication of a particular document or group of documents.  This may be quite short and at the most should be no longer than two sides of A4 (or equivalent in a Word or pdf file).  Points raised will normally include the historical value of the source, its strengths and weaknesses, and the reasons for this selection.
  • A small sample of transcription/translation (two or three sides of A4 is usually enough) together with digital photographs of that section of the document. Preliminary discussion with the general editor is advisable to agree precisely how much of this material is necessary.
  • An estimate of the length of the transcription and of the introduction (it is usually easiest to do this in terms of printed A4 sheets).  Unless otherwise agreed, the introduction should be no longer than 20 per cent of the size of the text.
  • A short biographical note about the editor(s).

This information will help the Council of the Society to reach a formal decision. 

Although a possible publication date may be mentioned at this point, no text will be definitely assigned to a particular year for publication until the general editors are satisfied that the volume will be completed in time.

Please note that COPYRIGHT will normally belong to the Society and that texts are submitted on this basis. 

Guidelines for submitting publication proposals to the Society:

Guidance for Proposals [PDF]

Notes for Editors [PDF]